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red wine on bar

Red Wine Health Benefits

We like wine. Our favorite is dry red wine and there are so many to choose from. Lately we have been enjoying the Shiraz (rhymes with pizazz) which is made from the same grape variety as Syrah. (Syrah is the European version) The Shiraz that we are enjoying has some black currant and spicy flavors.

soft serve ice cream

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines

When you look at those wonderful soft serve ice cream machines that are at McDonald’s and other places, you might wonder about how you can get those divine flavors at home. You can, actually. There are home soft serve machines. However, is it worth it to get a home machine? It’s not as simple as it first appears.

What The Tongue And Eyes Can Reveal About Your Health

Many people today suffer from unusual health conditions that don’t seem to have an obvious cause, and that doctors often dismiss as overblown, or worse, nonexistent. Finding answers isn’t always easy, but health practitioner Tina Taekema has put together a course known as “Mirror of the Body” that might be able to help.

woman meditating

Meditation Benefits

We have recently started a morning meditation practice. One of the most effective things for us to do to maintain our happy healthy lifestyle is to meditate. I have noticed that one of the biggest results for me is that when I meditate it is like a reset for my mind. I get to put everything on hold for a few minutes and be calm.

fruit and veggie smoothie

Groundhog Day Sunshine Smoothie

I am started February with a 10 day juice & smoothie detox. Today is my second day and its Groundhog day too, but I woke with a lack of caffeine headache and perhaps the winter weather is partly to blame.

I decided to make a smoothie this morning with the idea of warmer sunnier times in mind and this is what I came up with!

gmo explained

GMO Explained

What is GMO? There is a lot of talk about how GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods may effect your health but what are GMO or foods and why are they a significant part of our food supply? A Bit of GMO History The first marketable GMO appeared in 1982 with the production of Humilin which […]

strawberry basil yogurt

Mini Strawberry Basil Yogurt Bowls

Delicious Super Bowl Snack Are you looking for some great Superbowl snacks that are easy to make and relatively healthy? These Superbowl Mini Strawberry Basil Yogurt bowls are an easy pre-prepared refreshing treat for starters, mid-day snack or even as a finish to the game day. Made with Chobani Greek Yogurt and the unique combination […]